Changes over changes


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Oct 31, 2016
Hello out there,
As you have probably already noticed, it has become quiet around the project. In the forum are only a few people around, the Teamspeak are few on. Nevertheless, we currently offer more of a platform for the community on which we are proud, as a cheat. But this shall change. Behind the doors of the team, a lot of thinking, planning and creative work has been done.
The first steps for a new ace up our sleeve have been taken. We have completely changed our server architecture. A new menu and launcher were designed. A solution for the creeping updates was created and only the finishing touches are missing.

The planning for the next weeks is:
Within the next week, an "alpha" version will be available for you to play my latest changes directly. (Checked)
Within the next 3 weeks, most of the bugs should be fixed.
Within the next 6 weeks, the new menu will be available for you.
Within the next 8 weeks, the performance of the cheat will be reworked and improved.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me or the team.

Until then enjoy the summer and have a nice day.
Greetings LN2
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