Squidoodles little review of a big cheat

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Apr 15, 2020
Ill start with the loader since its the first thing you see and all

Loader: 8/10
  1. Loader looks a bit generic
  2. Sometimes i won't inject when right clicking the steam icon and then starting csgo with it
  3. Never tried the EAC support
  4. Insecure is a nice feature :)
  5. Please add an Icon​
Visuals: 7/10
  1. There should be a Menu color picker*
  2. The menu should be resizable*
  3. The boxes are resizeable(veri sexy)
  4. Grenade Cam is P100
  5. Very customizable ESP
  6. Chams look a bit old school but thats my taste
  7. P100 customizability
  8. Extra point for the customizability
Legit: 10/10
  1. Das drückt ja anders krass rein(Its hitting so hard p as Craxto on your mom)
  2. Triggerbot very good
  3. Aimbot very legit to very semi-rage
  4. Backtrack one of my favourite features can be set to 400ms
  5. Also very customizable
  6. Many features but easy to setup(It took me 5 mins to do a legit cfg in a wingman game)
Rage: ?/10 (Could range from 3-7)
  1. Never used it although the doubletap seems kinda p now
  2. On key is very good and easy to config aswell as always ragebot itself
  3. Standalone dt is also very nice
  4. And alone from the work that Maxi is putting into it rn it should get an extra point
AntiAim: 8/10
  1. Here also very customizable
  2. It does what it says it gets dumped by many otc users and fata crack users
  3. With scripts its even more P (soon)
Misc: 6.999999420/10
  1. Add a silent directional Strafer*
  2. Shared Skin Changer veri nice
  3. Generally the cloud stuff is very nice and makes the cheat so much more apealing than others
  4. Shared Configs veri nice
  5. Funny Chat spammer
  6. Also very customizable Clantag changer and chat spammer
Scripting API: 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10
  1. I just cant stop scripting
  2. Please help i cant its just too fun;
  3. Frequent updates and if you annoy max enough he'll help via teamviewer and make you feel special all the time <3
  4. Nice language as well Angelscript > lua
Overall: 9.7/10
Just buy the cheat you fucking retard youre missing something