Searching Script Coders


Staff member
Mar 25, 2017
Dear pUnknown community,

We are opening you a new chance to improve the community as well as the cheat!

As many of you have noticed, it is currently very quiet around the scripting community.
We want to reward scripters for making scripts for the community.

That's why we decided to introduce a scripter role, with which those who have it will be marked in the forum, as well as in Discord.
Furthermore every scripter gets a free subscription, this is not to be seen as an incentive, but rather as a reward to make scripts for the community.

We have no special requirements, but you should have at least a bit of knowledge of C like languages.

Scripters are not on their own, our team will do their best to help with questions, but you should be able to work independently and explain things to yourself.

You can apply to the script-coder role here.

Information such as name, age, origin (country) should be given, it also would be good to know what previous knowledge you have and if you have something to show.

Furthermore we want to point out that our beta application are still open, because we have a lot of new users since the last time we informed you about it. :)

Beta members help the cheat to receive updates faster as well as finding bugs and report them, so that they will be fixed in the live version directly!

You can read more about this under Beta info

Kind regards,
the Staff Team