Russian review


Dec 2, 2018
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The cheat looks interesting and has legit functionality no worse than other cheats, some things are even better.
I liked how the color module works with Draw Gray. Unfortunately, sometimes it causes crashes.
In general, I liked the cheat, but there are several functions without which it is impossible to play on HvH today.
I would like to see very important functions in the rage bot(safe multipoints, dormant esp) hitchhiking also does not work as it should when using double tap. When walking a lot of misses, auto stop and full stop are not suitable for aggressive play, need something like a "minimal walk" . If you add these functions and make sure that double tap always knocks out damage well and works at the peak of the enemy then you can compete with any other hvh cheats)
At the moment, this is a good legit cheat with not bad visuals
I hope in the near future the coder will be able to improve the rage to the level of other cheats and then it will be gorgeous)


Staff member
Mar 25, 2017
nice video :p

could you make some bug reports / feature requests with the things you said in it? Much appreciate <3