pUnknown Apex Legends Cheat Review


Dec 5, 2016
So i was given trial access to the cheat to see how it is, and after some bugs on my end i got it to work.

Aimbot :
So i have been using it for some games now, and i say the aim bot is pretty good. The hitbox selection is decent and allows for good performance. As others said, prediction is decent at best. It usually hits where i want it but it needs some help on moving players. Other than that, it works great and i have gotten 8 wins now easily.

The config system is pretty nice and simple. I enjoy that there is no menu and its all configuration based. In the config text which is located in your Documents->Apex.ini, you can change features such as the reload/inject key, what button the aimbot uses, glow settings, colors, ect. It allows simple configuration that makes it light and easy. Nothing difficult about it but some more features would be cool.


As said above, the visuals is nice and simple. I would like to have box esp but this is pretty good. You can change colors of glow, health based esp, and you can also change the distance of rendering for esp. It is a enjoyable experience allowing you to get a advantage on people.

Security :
I have been using it for some games now and have not been banned. I have gone full rage blatant as well as closet legit and not banned yet. I will update the post after a few more days of usage and i will tell you my full verdict. The loader works fine for me and injected quickly. Enjoyable and easy.


Aimbot : 7/10 - Could be improved

Visuals : 7 / 10 - Could use some more improvements and features

Security : Unrated / 10 - Wiil update after few days

Overall : 8 / 10
- Good cheat, just needs some more stuff but good for first release

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