new Invite handling


Staff member
Mar 25, 2017
Hey pU Community,

we have decided to make some changes to the Invite System.

There is now an extra group for people who can get invites.

You can now only have 1 invite at a time.

the requirements are still the same:

active subscription
being a member (not just registered) since at least 2 months
had at least 2 weeks of subscription in total
not been invited by a banned user
not having invited a user who is now banned

In order to be able to get an Invite, you have to request the group via support ticket, with its own department now.

All following invite waves will be manually done via the invites department in support tickets.

We have also resetted all invites. :)

You can claim your invite here :) (if you fulfill the requirements)

(yes, this is actually an invite wave again.
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Kind regards,
The Staff Team