My opinion to pUnkown after one day of using!


Mar 13, 2020
In this review, I'll split my opinion into different categories and after that, I will make a conclusion.

The Loader:
Since the loader is where everything starts, I'll start my rating here as well. The Loader is simple to use, actually there is nothing bad that would decrease the user experience, but in my opinion, there could be a UI-Update.

Ingame GUI:
This whole thread is about my opinion, and I really don't like the GUI. My UX was really bad, I think it's really messy and there could be more organized, it's almost impossible to create a little routine (i.e when you have to toggle something fast, etc.)

Experience in HVH:
My HvH experience was really good, it was very difficult to lose, I know a good HvH depends on the user and configs, but with pUnknown you have an advantage against some public cheats and sometimes you have an advantage against other private cheat users (got a win vs fatality and a tie vs gamesense)

Experience with legit cheating:
The cheat has a really good legit bot, even if I played too obvious a lot of people believed me that I was legit (maybe because high rank), the settings for the legit aimbot are incredible, I ranked up in just 3 games and after this day I think it's going to be my new legit cheat too.

Well after one day I don't have too much to say, I'll do a review after one month again and look if something changed!

My conclusion is, that pUnknown is a very good Cheat, I don't really like the GUI but as most people say "Don't judge a book by its cover". Definitely going to be my new main cheat.

~ razex