Good and bad news

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Oct 19, 2016
Hey guys,
we have good and bad news.

Bad things first:
We had a small issue with our driver which lead to a few bans in EAC Protected games (like Apex, etc). This problem also occurred without injecting the apex cheat.
If you have gotten banned, please contact a staff member for compensation.

However, there are way better good news! We decided to celebrate the summer with a sale.

The CS:GO Cheat will now have a discount applied:
1 Month: 10€
3 Months: 27€
6 Months: 50€
12 Months: 95€

Additionally, the cs:go cheat will now be out of beta. This means that the "live-build" will now be used again and every user has access to this branch now. However, the beta-branch will now be used for testing purposes. If you feel like that you deserve this branch, write a supporter and we will decide about your case.

However, that's not the only change. We listened to you and thought about the current price for the apex cheat. We decided to change the regular prices as well! The prices outside of the sale will be:
1 Week: 15€ (hasn't changed)
1 Month: 40€

Furthermore, to celebrate this, we decided to make a small discount on the apex cheat!
1 Month: 35€

We hope that these changes not only fit our belief but moreover also your's.

Best regards,
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