1. HappyHippo

    Hippo HvH CFG with quick Video

    You can find my HvH cfg under ID: 212. It is strongly geared to my playstyle but maybe someone will find it useful. I recorded the clips in 2 hours, so they are very short.
  2. FreaK

    pU Beta Smacking Heads

    I gotta say, resolver has improved a ton and i have gotten some neat extra fps from it (my cpu sucks ok?). In this game, i was late 8 rounds, 1 enemy switched and another quit. I was also remaking the cfg (will be public once max releases the update). Also yes, virtually everyone on the enemy...
  3. FreaK

    LiveStream HvH Highlights ft. pUnknown.net

    some highlights i got while streaming
  4. FreaK

    FaZe FreaK ft. pUnknown.net

  5. FreaK

    Sliding into people's DMs like

    I'll slide into @dasMax 's dms anyday o_o
  6. FreaK

    (HvH) Winning Is Easy With pUnknown.net

    A few more tweaks and this will be a pUpdate.
  7. FreaK

    (HvH) Afterlife ft. pUnknown.net

    I was going to make a "pUnknown and Mirror in Perfect Harmony" video, but i thought it would be best to leave that for another time. Edited my config somewhat to adjust to these new updates. If you want it, the cfg ID is 63 and the name is "paste". Unlock fakelag limit, set moving to 16, and...
  8. lord

    HvH Clips

    just some clips :P
  9. lolxd

    Wicked ft. pU

  10. FreaK

    Racks on Racks ft. pUnknown

    Feels like forever since i last posted here o_O
  11. Craxto

    First Video tho

    ik, 720p, but deleted the originals tho. and the clip on the end had wrong shadowplay settings tho. hope u still enjoy