1. Craxto

    EAC Cheat Info

    Hey pU Community, thank you for your interest in the CS:GO-EAC Cheat. The EAC-Version includes the normal Version of the cheat. If you gain access to the EAC-Version, you can upgrade your existing subscription for 5€ to upgrade your existing subscription to the EAC-Subscription. (1 month max...
  2. Craxto

    Halloween Sale (27.10. - 02.11.) + CS:GO EAC Cheat Release

    Hey pU Community, Happy Halloween, stay safe for the potential second lockdown. In order for you to scare the shit out of the league players, we decided to release the EAC-Build of pU. However, you need to be a trusted member and you need to write an application in the appropriate sub-forum...